04.07.2018 - Veranstaltungen
Fachinformationsdienst Darstellende Kunst

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: DISKURS-Festival in Gießen | "No service" | Deadline: 13.07.2018

OUT OF ORDER? NO SERVICE! – if you see no service on your devices, or can’t connect to a network or data follow these steps: CHECK YOUR COVERAGE AREA. RESTART. RESET YOUR NETWORK SERVICE. krrr if it would be that easy.. DISKURS festival 2018 will not be about restarts or resets but about first steps: in a hopefully bright and breezy october we* want to invite you* to gießen to re-check solidarity in our* collective working processes: how can that be possible facing the competitive cultural businesses and art markets many of us* are struggling with and within? which structures suit us* better? how do we* organize while being weary of from precariousness? let’s be daring, hungry, weak and share our* concrete utopias! we are looking for: performances/lectures/workshops + any-kind-of-media-installations. for scientific contributions and fantasy-sciences, for pamphlets, consultations or cooking sessions, for sports & fun, tutorials and other skill sharing, for blind dates, debates and hiking tours or any other hybrid formats that deal with your* wishes and desires of how we* could and want to work together. craving to get it together with you* in sweet mittelhessen we* are looking forward to your* applications, your* DISKURS team* 2018 deadline: july 13 2018 | hotline: info@diskursfestival.de | online: www.diskursfestival.de