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The Specialised Information Service (SIS) Performing Arts web portal displays the range of professional associations and research groups in theatre and dance-related academic research.

Society for Theatre Studies (gtw)

The Society for Theatre Studies promotes research and teaching in the field of theatre studies. To this end it organises conferences, issues publications and serves as a public interface for the discipline. It includes all branches of theatre both past and present, as well as film, radio, television and video arts.

Society for Theatre History

The Society for Theatre History was founded in Berlin in 1902 by writers, journalists, scholars, aficionados and others with an interest in theatre, with the aim of creating an interdisciplinary forum for involvement in theatre both past and present.
The Society is an independent academic network with ties to numerous other research and teaching institutions in the theatre studies, as well as to theatre archives, museums and libraries both in Germany and abroad. Currently the Association has about 50 members and 70 institutional members (institutes and/or libraries).

Society of Dance Research (GFT)

In the mid-1980s with the encouragement of UNESCO, efforts were made to unite all dance organisations in the Federal Republic of Germany into an umbrella organisation. These initiatives finally resulted in the Society for Dance Research, or GTF, which was founded on May 31 1986 in Cologne.
The GTF aims to inspire and support dance-related research and to promote communication on the topic. Based in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) it also creates international networking and an exchange of ideas.