Production thesis : the ghost sonata

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In:University of North Carolina: NC DOCKS (Digital Online Collection of Knowledge and Scholarship)
Published: 1972
Contributor: Linder, Roberta Penn (Creator), NC DOCKS at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Creator)
Description:The purpose of this thesis was to research, direct, and evaluate a production of The Ghost Sonata by August Strindberg. This thesis is a compilation of the director's research, analysis, and experience with the production. Part One includes the following: (l) historical considerations, (2) stylistic considerations, (3) detailed character descriptions and analyses, (4) an analysis of the setting and mood of the play, and (5) justification for the director's choice of script. Part Two is the director's prompt book for the production of The Ghost Sonata. The prompt book includes notation on (l) blocking, (2) composition, (3) details of characterizations, (4) stage business, and (5) timing. In addition, there are photographs of the production and plates depicting the blocking of the play. Part Three of this thesis is the director's personal evaluation of the total production. This evaluation consists of: (l) the initial interpretation of the script, The Ghost Sonata, as compared with the final product, (2) the actor-director relationship during the total experience of the production, (3) the audience's reaction to the production, and (4) the director's personal observations.

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