Justin Peck and American Ballet

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Description:Within the past decade, New York City Ballet’s choreographer-in-residence, Justin Peck, has created a number of ballets for the company, as well as for companies across the country. Peck’s works are truly innovative, and capture the meaning of American ballet by pushing the limits set in the past, and by using ingenious concepts and choreography. This paper will explore how American ballet was developed and carried by George Balanchine for the majority of the twentieth century, and how it is currently being led by Justin Peck through his own works. The focus of this paper is to follow the shift that American ballet took in the years after Balanchine up until Peck emerged, and how Peck is currently influencing this “style” of ballet. To show the alteration of ballet from Balanchine to Peck, rehearsal and performance footage, as well as interviews and documentaries will be used to research the innovation and revolution of American ballet.


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