Mies Julie

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Subtitle:restitutions of body & soil since the Bantu Land Act No. 27 of 1913 and the Immorality Act No. 5 of 1927
Material: Druckerzeugnis
Published: Oberon Books, 2012
Extent:57 S., 21 cm
Contributor: Farber, Yael (Author), Strindberg, August (Contributor)
Description:Weitere Angaben: by Yael Farber, based on August Strindberg's "Miss Julie

Cover title : Yael Farber's Mies Julie

In a post-Apartheid kitchen, a single night, both brutal and tender, unfolds between a black farm laborer, his master's daughter, and the woman who has raised them both. John and Mies Julie spiral into a deadly battle over power, sexuality and memory

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