CALL FOR PAPERS: ENCATC Annual Congress Projects Showcase »Culture that matters: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Sustainable Futures« | Deadline: 31.05.2024

27. Mai 2024 FID DK

We are excited to announce a call for projects for a special showcase taking place on 19

September 2024 in Lecce, in the framework of the 2024 ENCATC Congress (18-20 September).

This year, our focus is on “Culture that matters: Interdisciplinary Approaches for Sustainable



The ENCATC Congress is a premier global event that brings together professionals and scholars in cultural management and policy. It aims to foster the advancement of theory, education, research, and practice. The 2024 edition seeks to explore the intersection of culture and sustainability, encouraging a transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral dialogue.


Innovative projects specifically addressing how climate change is impacting the cultural and creative sectors, as well as exploring a broader notion of sustainability in relation to culture. We invite submissions of projects that have been funded by Horizon Europe, Interreg, COSME, or other European initiatives, showcasing a broad spectrum of responses from research initiatives, educational programs, practical interventions, to policy-driven strategies. Projects should demonstrate novel ways of either mitigating or adapting to the impacts of climate change on our cultural legacies and creative practices.


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